While collaborations between Nas and DJ Premier or Jay-Z and Just Blaze will always stir up fan fervor, perhaps some of the strongest work between a single producer and emcee has come from Busta Rhymes and J Dilla. Now, in a recent interview with Hot 97’s DJ Enuff, Bussa Bus listed his five favorite Dilla productions.

Busta name-checked cuts like his own “So Hardcore” and the Pharcyde’s “Runnin'” as some of his favorite beats from the late Dilla. The Brooklyn rapper also added that he feels Slum Village’s Fantastic, Vol. 2 is the quintessential collection of productions from the Detroit beatsmith, and evidences as to why Dilla is one of the best to have ever touched an MPC.

“My top five Dilla beats, [at number one] I would have to say is ‘So Hardcore,’ he produced that for me on the Extinction Level Event album,” he said. “‘Show Me What You Got’ for me, it’s on the Anarchy album…’You Can’t Hold a Torch,’ he produced that for me on The Big Bang album with me and Q-Tip. ‘Runnin,’ The Pharcyde, and number five I would have to say is ‘Players’ on the Slum Village [Fantastic, Vol. 2] album.”

He continued, “That whole album is my favorite Dilla production in one body of work. Like, I got dope Dilla production through different albums, I’ve always had ’em on every album, but that one album to this day has yet to be outdone by any producer as far as just one body of work. There’s been producers that made things that were phenomenal in different situations, but everything was like the most phenomenal in one body of work.”

Check out the full interview below.

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