MellowHype has revealed the cover art for its upcoming album Numbers, releasing October 2nd via Odd Future Records.

Additionally, the duo, consisting of Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, will drop the video for their single “La Bonita” on August 28th on

The pair previously announced that they will offer a free mixtape on September 11th, though details surrounding the project are yet to be revealed.

Check out the cover art for MellowHype’s Numbers below.


[August 20]

UPDATE: Hodgy Beats took to Twitter to announce that MellowHype’s Numbers has been pushed back from October 2nd to October 9th. Also, instead of releasing a free mixtape on September 11th, the duo is considering releasing one track per day over the course of a week (via SoulCultureUK)

[August 24]

UPDATE #2: MellowHype has revealed the tracklist for its upcoming album Numbers, releasing October 9th.


[August 28]

UPDATE #3: MellowHype has revealed the official tracklist for its upcoming project Numbers.

1. Grill
2. 65/Breakfast
3. Astro (feat. Frank Ocean)
4. Nfwgjdsh
5. La Bonita
6. Beat
7. Snare
8. Untitled L
9. Leflair
10. Monster
11. 666 (feat. Mike G)
12. p2 (feat. Earl Sweatshirt)
13. Gnc
14. Brain
15. Under 2
16. Break

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