While over in the United Kingdom, Slaughterhouse stopped in for an interview with Tim Westwood, where Joe Budden began by explaining the group’s goals in terms of their presence abroad.

“My point, beautiful people out there, is that my goal would be to get Slaughterhouse played while we are here, and to get Slaughterhouse played while we are not here,” he explained. “Although I do know that there are [many] a politics involved in this industry: to anybody out there listening, and I’m sure there are millions of people listening who are just as passionate about Hip Hop culture as we are, if you are passionate, if you’ve ever fought for anything in life, if you’ve been a rebel, if you’ve ever beat any odds, we say this every night at the show, I don’t see why any radio station or any deejay that calls themselves a deejay – and I’m not talking to anybody in particular – I’m talking to any deejay who’s not supporting this particular movement here. It’s gonna move regardless, homeboy.

“It’s been moving!” continued an impassioned Budden. “Through all the politics and the red tape. So the fact that we’re still here today gives me the right to say, dogs, while we are here…Slaughterhouse should be supported.”

During the interview, Westwood asked Royce Da 5’9 about Eminem’s current status. “Em is fantastic,” said Royce. “He’s in the studio right now, in between mixing our stuff and working on his solo stuff. He’s keeping hisself real busy.”

Westwood also asked Joell about his short-lived stint at Aftermath Records. “It didn’t work out for business reasons. …Dr. Dre is a really stand-up dude for giving someone like me an opportunity to even be over there up under him and learn the ropes of the major label and that nature.”

“I actually bumped into him at the Grammys last year, and he was like, ‘See what hard work does? You’re right back in the family.'”

Watch the interview below:

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