Although earlier this week it appeared that rappers Pete Rock and Lupe Fiasco had cleared up their issues stemming from the release of Lupe’s “Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free),” following an interview between Sway Calloway and Lupe it appears that their issues have not been fully resolved.

A seemingly heated Lupe appeared on “Sway In The Morning” to share his side of the story and explained his songs use of a sample from Pete Rock’s “T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You).”

“We reached out to Pete in November, right? My team. It was my partner’s idea,” Lupe explained. “He wanted to go back, take an iconic Hip Hop record, flip it, breathe some life into it, and bring it back to new school. That’s the whole point of it so we reached out to Pete…When we rap over the original instrumental we send it to get cleared, Warner Chapel tells us ‘No, that’s the publishing company.’ They tell us ‘You can’t clear that. It’s unclearable.’ There’s portions of that song that have never been cleared before ever. You have to remake it.”

Lupe later went on to speak on his phone conversation with Pete Rock which consisted of himself and several other people and wasn’t as pleasant as many may have assumed it was.

“The funny part is you ain’t even got to go through Pete Rock to clear cause he don’t even own it,” said the rapper. “Then he comes on Twitter the day after the joint’s released or it’s the same day that it’s released and bodies me like that and bodies my crew like that. And just shits on us like that. That’s foul. Then when we finally get on the phone, we didn’t have a [good] conversation. We weren’t on the phone like ‘Oh, I love you Pete at the end of the day.’ I was hot. My crew was hot. The people who put it together was hot. The record company was hot. He just wasn’t on the phone with me; he was on the phone with six people. Like Pete what’s wrong with you? Going in on us like that. We’re trying to pay homage to you.”

“Around My Way (Freedom Ain’t Free)” will be featured on Food & Liquor 2 when it’s released in September.

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