In a recent interview, Lil Wayne appeared to suggest that his long-awaited project with Juelz Santana, I Can’t Feel My Face, was scrapped. Not so, revealed Juelz in an interview with

“Me and Wayne been recording music when it comes to I Can’t Feel My Face for about five years,” explained Juelz. “We actually have a ton of music that got leaked on the streets. For a couple reasons it didn’t come out at one point. The same way that the T-Wayne album…ain’t come out.”

“Make a long story short: you see the interview with Weezy…He did reach out to me when he came home,” added the Dipset member. “He reached out to me like, ‘I think we need to capitalize on the album.’ At the time, my studio had just gotten raided by the police. It was kind of a real tight situation for me.”

Juelz continued, confirming that the collaborative project was still on. “I spoke to Wayne recently. I spoke to him before the interview and right after the interview. We gon’ get it. I guess at the time he said he moved on, people were making it seem like he was saying he was never gonna do the album. We spoke about that. We definitely gonna get back into that.

Watch the interview below:

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