Fans still eagerly awaiting Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana’s fabledI Can’t Feel My Facealbum, don’t hold your breath. Weezy confirmed that for now, the project has been scrapped.

In a recent interview with MTV, Wayne said that he has moved on from the long awaited project and will be reusing much of the music originally recorded for the LP on his upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II. He explained that while his recent prison sentence definitely put a damper on the initial release time for the LP, it was Santana’s own legal issues last year that prevented the duo from finishing it.

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“I actually got at [Jue]lz when I got out [of jail] and told him, ‘Man, I think it’s time we really capitalize on that,'” he explained. “[Now], he can’t work how he wants to work because they shut down his studio. I sent him some music and he didn’t send them back in the time-fashion that I work. I started putting extra verses on those songs and I’ve moved on. Now what probably would’ve been I Can’t Feel My Face, has now turned into I Am Not a Human Being II.”

Check out the interview below.

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