After a bit of a hiatus Harlem rapper Juelz Santana is preparing to release his next solo album and several mixtapes. recently caught up with the rapper in Minnesota to speak on both Juelz’ studio album and his upcoming mixtapes.

“Probably the end of this year, most likely,” Juelz explained when asked when an album will be released. “My mixtape is coming out first that’s gonna be like an album. I promise you that. The album will be out probably a couple of months after the mixtape which is called Born To Lose, Built To Win.”

Juelz revealed that projects will start being released once his studio is re-opened. The studio was shut down earlier this month by police following a raid that took place months ago. The rapper also explained that once the mixtape is out fans can expect back to back releases leading up to his album release.

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“The mixtape will be out as soon as I get my studio open. I had a little altercation with my studio so my studio got shut down,” said Juelz.  “So I’mma put the mixtape out right after that. We gonna do the Skull Gang mixtape after that. Then I might do another mixtape, but that’s gonna be pretty much leading up to my album…However the months roll. I ain’t got no exact date. As soon as the mixtape is released it ain’t gonna stop after that.”

Juelz’ last studio album, What The Game’s Been Missing, was released back in 2005.