Swizz Beatz is enlisting some heavy hitters for his upcoming mixtape. During an interview with MTV’s RapFix, Swizzy revealed that he’s nabbed guest features from Rick Ross, DMX, Nas and The LOX, as well as A$AP Rocky, who will appear on the tape’s first single.

“When the Rick Ross mixtape [Rich Forever] came out that inspired me to do a mixtape because sometimes people need to get back into the element of what you do, since they see you doing so many different ventures,” he said. “My first single is with me and A$AP Rocky.”

Some were initially anticipating the release of his oft-delayed album Haute Living, which failed to surface. But for Swizz, the mixtape is a way to bring it back to Hip Hop’s basics and give the people what they want.

“People have to know that you can take it back to the basics and keep it hip-hop and keep it fun and just do what made you the person that you are. That’s why I think this mixtape is important,” he said. “I’m vibing with Nas on it, Rick Ross, DMX, The Lox, people that everybody’s like ‘Man, when are you guys gonna do a track together?’ and ‘When is this happening? I thought the mix tape was a great way to bring that to life.”

As for Haute Living, Swizz is trying to make it as perfect as possible. “I know that everybody was looking for a whole album,” he said. “But I’m a perfectionist and I felt like I just wanted to put some more finishing touches on it and figured I don’t have to rush anything.”

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