Swizz Beatz isn’t going the normal route in releasing his upcoming third album Haute Living. Instead of dropping the LP as a complete package, Swizzy plans on rolling out the album in song-by-song installments in order to make each track an “event.”

“Let me clarify: Haute Living is still coming, but as far as releasing all on one day, I’m not doing that no more,” he told MTV News. “I want to just drop singles from Haute Living instead of ‘I’m coming on September 13.’ I’m like, ‘You know what? Let me make every song an event, instead of just that one day being an event.'”

He explains that his perspective on music and the current status of the industry is what led him to go the non-conventional route. “I want to change the whole mind-set of the way I do things as an album, but Haute Living is definitely coming,” he continued. “I’m just tired of doing things traditional. My whole concept of life is just to do things nontraditional, making new rules. Sky’s not the limit — it’s just a view.”

The super producer also considers Haute Living as a new musical direction for him. “My vision came together for what was basically breaking all boundaries and graduating my brand and letting people know that I can do other things,” he said. “And I used Haute Living as an outlet to team me [with all these other artists] and it was amazing.”

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