It’s been more than a decade since The LOX released its sophomore album We Are The Streets, but Styles P says that the group’s third LP is still in the works. During an interview with WPGC’s Peter Parker, SP the Ghost echoed earlier sentiments by blaming the delay on paperwork, but said that things are looking up for the trio.

“We working on that. Hopefully, the paperwork get right. It ain’t our fault. It’s looking brighter and brighter every day, so we’re just hoping for the best,” he said.

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Styles, who’s currently prepping the release of his new album Master of Ceremonies(Oct. 4th), also revealed that he’s working on two upcoming books.

“I’m working on my second one right now and got a potential third one, too. I’m focusing on one idea right now. Just expanding my creative, artistic side. Fiction. Just random stories, writing,” he said. “The books are more work for me. Emceeing is like second nature for me, it’s something I’ve been doing for a very long time. Even before I got on. It’s sort of automatic. The books took time for me to figure out how to lay my format down.”

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