After over 13 years in the Rap game, The LOX have apparently learned the importance of earning money from other ventures besides rapping. The Yonkers trio has increased their earning power by both releasing solo projects and building their D-Block roster, but they also have their eyes on a few hustles outside the immediate Hip Hop world. Styles P said his fiction novel Invincible was just one step in that process.

During an appearance on “Funkmaster Flex’s Full Throttle,” Styles P explained that his fiction writing was originally intended to be released via another medium.

“I just want to expand my horizons as far as my artistry,” Styles P told Funkmaster Flex. “To tell you the truth, I wanted to write a movie and books. But if I’d have written the book first they would’ve been like, ‘Ghetto rapper writing a movie,’ and it would’ve been the same old same old without me showing my intellect as much.”

Styles said his book Invincible was essentially a set up to get into movies, and it lines up with his other diversified interests such as his Bronx-based bar, Juices For Life. Fellow LOX member Jadakiss said he may join Styles P in the beverage business, and he encouraged aspiring emcees and producers to similarly expand their business profiles.

“A lot of kids grow up and want to be rappers and producers and just be famous and be on TV,” Jadakiss added. “But the object is to use it as a stepping-stone and get that outside money. I’m thinking of doing my own coffee. My pops got his own coffee company, and I could just be the first rapper to have his own coffee. Coffee is big right now, and if I come with my own blend it might be out of here.”

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