The SHHO recently spoke to D-Block/LOX emcee Styles P in honor of their soon-to-be expanding business. During the interview, Styles spoke on the relationship between growth and success and how the two ideas inform each other. He said that he’s always lived by the notion that success can’t come without growth and struggle, but he added that both processes come about differently for some people.

“[Success requires] hard work, dedication, good work ethic, having good people around me, self realization of the goals I had,” he explained. “I’ve got a saying I got from my mom…there’s no growth without struggle. I think in order to grow, you have to struggle somewhat, and from struggling, you actually grow. If you want to transfer that to success, yeah, you have to grow somewhat to be successful…and try to use your mind and think. Sometimes, you’re forced to grow on your own, sometimes, success does make you grow, and sometimes, you have to grow in order to be successful. I think it’s pretty much needs to have…the individual more so than just to say it applies the same to everyone. Some people have to get to a point of bigness before they actually grow, and some people know that they’ll never get there if they don’t grow [first].”

Styles P also spoke on the importance of keeping true to one’s word. He explained that it’s important to make one’s word bond, and that it was that very idea that helped him and his L.O.X. partners Jadakiss and Sheek Louch stay together as such a tightly-knit group.



“Your word is everything. Your word is all you got, your word is your bond,” he said. “If you said it, you mean it and people can count on it…[Me, Jadakiss and Sheek Louch] came in the game and said we would stick together and be loyal and put all of that above money, and all three of our words was bond…we came in pretty deep…and with a lot of shit on our plates, but we handled it. We’re still here, and our word is bond, too, because we stick to being emcees, too. We don’t give you no bullshit gimmicks, we’ve been true to who we are since day one.” 

The full interview can be seen below.

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