Though Jay-Z and Nas were able to reconcile their differences, it has always seemed a remote possibility for Hov to ever work with the other target from his notorious diss “Takeover”: Mobb Deep.

Not so, it seems, as Prodigy and Havoc recently entertained that very possibility.

The subject came up in an interview with MTV’s RapFix Live, during which Sway Calloway asked the Queensbridge duo about where they stood regarding Jay-Z, having recently worked with his artist Jay Electronica on “Call of Duty: MW3.”

“We was at Jay’s studio,” explained Havoc, to which P added, “I was on the phone with J. Cole the next day, congratulating him on his album. We supposed to be doing some work with him, too.”

When Sway opined it was time to get Jay-Z on a track, Prodigy responded, ““Tell [Jay-Z] to get in the studio…He gotta come to Infamous Studios in Queens, though.”

“It’s just Hip Hop, man. Making good songs. Everything else is irrelevant. All the feelings…all of that is irrelevant,” conceded P.

Watch the interview below:

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