Blu and Exile teamed for the 2007’s heralded Below the Heavens, but they also have another project in the can. In an interview with LA Weekly, Blu revealed that the album is titled Memoirs and will hopefully land in stores by the end of 2011.

“Exile and I have a record we did in ’09. Right now it’s titled Memoirs. My fan base is waiting to hear that. They haven’t gotten a record as personal as Her Favorite Colo(u)ror Below, but Memoirs should be out possibly by end of the year,” he said. “We debate whether we should leak it because it’s very personal, a lot of compassion in it. Exile’s a ‘one album per two years’ kinda guy … real stubborn on that. He wants it remixed, remastered, and I just say put it out like it is.”

The producer/rapper, who recently dropped his NoYork! LP, also revealed that he’s recording a collaborative album with M.E.D. entirely produced by Madlib, as well as a solo record (“I wrote my first rap in my head”). Though news of another project with Exile is on the way, he says he’s tired of performing Below the Heavens.

“I’m sick of it. I’m sick of it. It’s ‘Forever 21.’ [laughs] Since Rock the Bells made artists doing entire albums a trend, clubs have been calling us to do Below,” he said. “So I do it because fans want to see it. I would be devastated if Snoop didn’t perform ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot.’”

Read the full interview at LA Weekly.

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