Blu has unexpectedly released his latest offering J e s u s, putting up the project for a $10 download via Bandcamp. The 11-track project is entirely devoid of guest appearances, but features production from an all-star roster including Alchemist, Madlib, Hezekiah, Knxwledge, Nathan, 9th Wonder and his beatsmith alias Godlee Barnes.

The Los Angeles, California native most recently put out his unreleased debut Her Favorite Colo(u)r. Before putting out the LP, he spoke on how he likes to approach new albums. “Every project I approach, I don’t want it to sound like anything else,” he said. “I feel like I’m going to be producing a lot longer than I’ll be rapping.”

Blu also plans on releasing his third solo studio album NoYork! later this year.

[May 17]

UPDATE: Blu plans to re-release a mastered version of his previously internet-only album J e s u s. The offering will hit stores on August 30th and will be available in CD and vinyl formats. Additionally, J e s u s is the official debut under Blu’s alter ego “B,” and will be released through New World Color. Pre-order the CD here and the LP here.

[July 5]

UPDATE #2: Blu confirmed that a digital version of J e s u s will be released digitally tomorrow (July 26). The album will be formally released by Brooklyn’s Nature Sounds Records, and coming on August 30 in vinyl and CD formats. Blu confirmed that his production collaborator Mainframe was who initially put the album to Bandcamp earlier this year.

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