Just months after news broke of DJ Kool Herc’s medical turmoil, another legendary icon of Hip Hop succumbs to illness. Storied Hip Hop photographer and activist Ernie Paniccioli recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer.

The Life Goes On Foundation recently announced that Paniccioli was diagnosed with cancer and that he will soon undergo five weeks of radiation treatment. But Paniccioli isn’t only combating health issues; like Kool Herc before him, the famed photographer has already accrued over $40,000 medical bills and lacks the health insurance to pay them.

Now, fans, family and friends are rushing to the aid of afflicted photographer. The Life Goes On Foundation has set up a fundraiser to help aid the Hip Hop idol in his time of distress. Hip Hop blogger and member of the Internet Celebrities team Dallas Penn also vocalized his support for Paniccioli.

“Hip Hop doesn’t need anymore jewelry. Hip Hop needs some real health insurance. Just like the rest of America,” wrote Penn in blog post from earlier this week.

During the course of his 40-year career as a photographer, the Brooklyn native Paniccioli has captured iconic images of artists like Ice-T, Nas, Chuck D, Busta Rhymes (see above), the Notorious B.I.G. and many more. In 2002, he released a critically acclaimed collection of his photographs, titled Who Shot Ya?: Three Decades of Hip Hop Photography.

A video of some of Paniccioli’s photos can be viewed below. Fans looking to donate to Paniccioli can head to Life Goes On’s fundraising website for more information. 

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