DJ Kool Herc, often referred to as the “Father of Hip Hop,” has been hospitalized, according to

“Kool Herc is very sick…Kool Herc is not doing well,” explained DJ Premier. “It’s funny how we actually have a father of a culture [who] still lives, where in some cultures, they’re already dead and gone…”

“Since he’s very sick and has no insurance, uses a metro card to get around, needs to pay his bills so he can get out of the hospital, it’s ill… If you don’t know about it, now you know about it. …We spoke today, and he needs some help to pay his bills for the hospital because he can’t hold it down. And being that he is the man who set this whole culture off, ya’ll should be wanting to do it any type of way that you can. People know how to reach us.”

If you are interested in learning how to help, email to remain updated on any details regarding the matter. extends our well wishes to DJ Kool Herc for a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: DJ Tony Touch recently Tweeted that he has spoken to Herc and that he has been released from the hospital. According to Tony, Kool Herc is in “good spirits” but needs a surgical procedure. He also said that he will take up a collection to help pay for Herc’s medical bills at this week’s Toca Tuesday at the Sutra Lounge.

I just spoke to Kool Herc..he’s ok and in good spirits…but needs surgery…THIS TUESDAY at SUTRA…we’re gonna do a collection for himless than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter