This past week, Hip Hop fans saw a host of big stories, from Jay and ‘Ye crushing the singles section, to Kels going under the knife, to Game (inexplicably) firing more random shots a host of his Hip Hop peers. But amidst all of the Watch the Throne madness and pointless feuding, the DX Staff uncovered a couple of Internet gems to tide the readers over, featuring disappointing mixtapes, Otis Redding samples and the one collaborative album that DX’s readers are most excited to hear (or at least trash in the comments section).

Lil Wayne may be Sorry 4 the Wait, but critics weren’t just ready to accept his apologies. DX wasn’t the only the only media outlet that took issue with Wayne’s underwhelming release; critical consensus on the mixtape has been far less than favorable, with many reviewers deeming the tape repetitive and uninspired. So, in (dis)honor of Weezy’s return to the mixtape game, Vibe took a time-out to name the top five most disappointing mixtapes in the past few years. From Jeezy’s Trap Or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary to Loso’s misnomer of a project The S.O.U.L.Tape, the list is a reminder that even some of today’s biggest acts aren’t always worth the download.

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What, you thought that Grey Hov and Yeezy were the first to rock an Otis Redding sample? Hardly. But what you may not know is how extensive Redding’s influence on Hip Hop is. From Ghostface Killah’s classic Wu-banger “Fish” to Marley Marl’s legendary Juice Crew crew-cut “The Symphony,” Otis has been behind some of Hip Hop’s most celebrated hits. If the Throne is measured in Otis Redding samples, then the Roc Boys need to step to the back of the line.

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But Hova and ‘Ye aren’t the only artists with a collaborative album in the works. As much as you the readers may hate it, someone over at Atlantic Records greenlit Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame’s Ferrari Boyz LP, and the 1017 Brick Squad rappers were more than willing to deliver. Our buddies over at Complex got a special preview of the LP, and word is that it’s nothing short of a “trap rap opus.” Let the angry backpacker comments begin in three, two, one…

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