Raekwon recently spoke on how he’s stayed relevant in the game and what he and Nas discussed when they recently reunited. Speaking with Ruby Hornet TV, the Wu-Tang Clan swordsman explained that he’s learned how to build himself as a brand and to learn from his mistakes.

“I learned about myself and how important my brand is as a person and as a company. I definitely won’t allow myself to fall short on any kind of failure. Based on all the experiences I have in life, especially in this music business, that these are the times you gotta know,” he said. “I realize my powers and where I went wrong with certain things and where I’m able to fix things and that’s all I’ve been working on for the last five years, is self-preservation. Not depending on anybody to make my career be more than what it is. It’s like, it’s just about me. What you wanna do, Rae? That was something I had to just go through, know what I mean?”

He also spoke on reuniting with Esco for the track “Rich and Black,” included on Rae’s most recent release Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang.

“We was out there chillin’ having a lot of fun, reminiscing, getting drunk, talking about yesterday, talking about today. Really exercising that time of being around each other as far as, ‘You’re my homie, we came up together.’ And then there was so much off the beat that we was talkin’ bout. Everything wasn’t pertaining to rap. It was fam and things we talked about, dealing with certain situations as far as with your business, talked about touring things. We feel that we a great team together, and we get up and talk, but most importantly, we just building.”

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