In anticipation of backing up Nas to perform Illmatic in its entirety at the upcoming Rock the Bells festival, DJ Premier hints that the two might get back to work for the rapper’s upcoming tenth album Life is Good. Speaking with “Rap is Outta Control,” the veteran producer explained that the Queens, New York lyricist is in a classic mindset for his final LP for Def Jam.

“We spoke about the album that he’s about to drop on Def Jam, this is actually going to be his last album on Def Jam,” he said. “We spoke about a lot of things, we’re very, very happy now. That’s all I can say because the rest of it will come to light soon.”

He emphasized that Nas is taking it back to the earlier days by channeling a grittier rhyme style, as heard on his new single “Nasty.” “First of all, I didn’t even speak to Nas, I spoke to Nasty Nas. Chip tooth, ‘Halftime,’ ‘Back to the Grill’ again, ‘Live at the BBQ’ Nas. We spoke for almost two hours and we caught up on everything that needs to be said about each other and what needs to be done with each other. First of all, we will be doing Rock the Bells. I’m actually helping him put the show together. We already talked about the surprises, which is going to be a fun thing when we do New York.”



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