Nas recently dropped off the first single “Nasty” off his upcoming album Life is Good, giving a taste of what to expect on the LP. But fans might get the album under a different title. Speaking with MTV News, Esco revealed that he’s considering a name change for the offering, due in September. 

“A lot of people around me didn’t understand where I was coming from. They kinda thought I was saying, ‘Let’s pop bottles, we’re rich, everything’s good.’ That’s not where I was coming from,” he said. “So there’s another title that came, that kind of fits a little better, and you might hear about that. There might be a change coming real soon.”

He also spoke with Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex about why he took a three-year solo break between 2008’s Untitled and his pending release. “I mean, it was just regular. It’s regular going through taking your breaks and everything. You’ve got to take breaks for life. You’ve got to experience some life so you can come back and talk about it,” he said. “You need to take time, step back from it sometimes so you can really reflect on everything around you, what’s going on with you, where to go, what kind of moves you want to make. I had to really think it out. I had to take that time out, yeah.”

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