Watts, California Hip Hop trio O.F.T.B. will release their sophomore album, Damn Near Dead on July 12 through Death Row Records/WIDE Awake Entertainment. The early ’90s group, known for their appearances on numerous platinum and gold-selling 1990s Death Row compilations and soundtracks will deliver the upcoming project, largely compromised of recordings intended for release 15 years ago.

In a new interview with DubCNN.com, Big Flip (f/k/a Flipside) of the group, explained why fans were never able to hear Operation From The Bottom’s second album during their glory. “It was a lot of bullshit politics, Suge [Knight] fucked up the whole company,” he said of the label’s co-founder and infamous former CEO.

As O.F.T.B. recounted, they got down with Death Row through Suge’s then-business partner, Dr. Dre. After releasing Straight Up Watts on Atlantic/Big Beat Records in 1992, the trio moved to the powerhouse after meeting the N.W.A. alum at 1993’s Urban Network showcase. Subsequently, O.F.T.B. appeared on Murder Was The Case, Above The Rim, Gang Related and Gridlock’d soundtracks, in addition to other recordings with artists like 2Pac, MC Hammer and Top Dogg.

Although the group’s rise to prominence at the label coincided with Dr. Dre’s early 1996 departure, O.F.T.B. told DubCNN.com that they hope to collaborate. Flip said, “Don’t be surpised when you hear an O.F.T.B. and. Dr. Dre song, we had a brief talk with him at Nate Dogg’s funeral.”

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