Though he just dropped off his mixtape The Original Dom Kennedy, Dom Kennedy is prepping the sequel to 2010’s From the Westside With Love. Speaking with Distortion 2 Static’s Prince Aaries, the Los Angeles, California native gave an update on the project, explaining that he’s hard at work in the lab.

“I’m working on that real heavy right now. That’s like my everyday life, I’m listening to beats, I’m writing songs, I’m trying to figure out ideas I want to talk about,” he said. “And show more maturity, show more growth and just try to make the greatest songs I can in being the young man I am right now. If it’s not that, it’s nothing. So From the Westside With Love 2 will be out shortly.”

As far as features and producers, he’s keeping mum on his collaborators. “Features, I can’t really say,” he continued. “I don’t want to say anything and I don’t end up using it. Porducers, rappers, all of that, I’ve been working with a lot of people. But I’d rather it be a surprise and just come out. If it makes it, it makes it. If it don’t, I never said nothing so nobody would have ever known anyway.”

He also spoke on the JBC crew, defining his involvement. “JBC is just really a global lifestyle, a mindset. Really, it just started as a crew of inner city kids from L.A. We just wanted to do something positive,” he said. “And then we started off saying ‘Just be cool,’ just be cool to each other as a term of affection and wanting to see each other be safe and be good. It just grew from there.”

[May 19]

UPDATE: Dom Kennedy has revealed the cover art for From the Westside With Love 2, dropping on iTunes on June 28th.

[June 24]

UPDATE #2: The tracklist has been revealed for the project.

1. Dom’s Prayer [prod. K Roosevelt]
2. Grind’n [prod. Cardo]
3. When I Come Around [prod. Unknown]
4. Come Over [prod. The Futuristiks]
5. She Ain’t In Love [prod. The Futuristiks]
6. Money Don’t Stop [prod. Chromatix]
7. O.P.M. [prod. Drewbyrd & Polyester]
8. Platinum Chanel [prod. Nick Cage]
9. I Love Dom [prod. Cardo]
10. The Ways [prod. THC]
11. Mr Champagne Intermission (ft. Polyester) [prod. Swiff D]
12. Ice Cream Truck [prod. K Roosevelt]
13. New Jeeps (ft. Asher Roth x Mikey Rocks) [prod. Chuck Inglish]
14. 2MPH (ft. Big K.R.I.T) [prod. The Futuristiks]
15. Beats, Hoes & Rhymes (ft. Casey Veggies & Schoolboy Q) [prod. Champagne Click]
16. Dream To Me [prod. Scoop Deville]
17. Graduate [prod. HellagooD]

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