More upsetting news for the family of recently deceased R&B legend Nate Dogg, his Pomona, California home was foreclosed upon on March 17th, just two days after the singer passed away. According to TMZ, the foreclosure was the result of nearly $6,000 in outstanding mortgage bills.

The gossip site goes on to report that Nate Dogg, who was born Nathaniel Hale, had not made a payment on the home since December of last year. It is reasonable to speculate that perhaps due to medical complications and other pressing family issues the mortgage payments were neglected unintentionally. Hopefully, this situation is resolved for the sake of Nate Dogg’s surviving relations.

Nate Doog died nearly a month ago, on March 15th. His death was the result of complications from numerous strokes the singer suffered over the course of the past few years.