When it comes to sampling, digging up obscure source materials is almost as important and artfully executed as flipping the samples themselves. Now, that’s not to knock any producers still flipping Brian Bennett’s “Solstice” or the Mohawk’s “The Champ”, but the sheer mystery of some prodcuers’ samples is simply legendary. Now, the Los Angeles Times has revealed one of Hip Hop’s greatest sample mysteries: the bass line to Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones Pt. II.” Check out their recent article to see who Havoc chopped up for their 1995 classic.

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Speaking of sampling, what some fans may not realize is that many producers are putting themselves at legal risk for their enjoyment. Many times, producers don’t reveal the samples they’ve used a means to avoid the enormous costs of clearing said samples. But with the advent of free mixtapes, producers essentially have free reign over their selection of samples. Now, New York Magazine has assembled a list of some of the best uncleared samples in Hip Hop.

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