Last week, Homeboy Sandman dropped his latest track “I Knew” in an attempt to get the attention of the Roots’ funky drummer himself ?uestlove. Now, in a recent interview with Brooklyn Bodega, the critically acclaimed emcee speaks on what moved him to record the song, dropping tunes on the lamb and his love for Jimmy Fallon’s backing band.

“It’s just called ‘I Knew,'” he clarified. “Somebody in the internet world decided to put ‘Late Night’ on the title. The music is by a team that’s called The 24 Carat Black. The name of the song is called ‘Food Stamps’…you know me, I’m a Roots fan. We talked about that a thousand times. I love def, stupid def live instrumentation that lends itself to def raps. I had heard it a while ago because Von [Pea] spit a verse over it on the [2 Hungry Bros], they’re [My Crew’s All Thinner] tape and that’s when I first heard it.

“I recorded [‘I Knew’] I think on Friday of last week and waited until Monday because putting it on the weekend wouldn’t maximize it really. I’ve been vocal about my not being huge into giving [music] away. I’ve got mad joints, but none that I intend to give away. This joint was kind of created with like a, ‘Oh, I’ll give this joint way’ [frame of mind]. So if I get another good idea for something to specifically give away, then I’ll put it out.”

In other news, Antonia “Toya” Carter of BET’s reality show “Tiny and Toya” is joing forces with the television network once again for a new program. Titled “Toya: A Family Affair,” the show will follow the reality star as she manages her personal and professional lives.

According to a recent press release, the show is set to air this April 12 at 10 PM ET/PT. The show will focus on Toya’s life since her television program with Tiny, as she prepares for marriage, raising her 11-year-old daughter and deals with the trials and tribulations of family life.

Carter is also preparing the release of her debut book Priceless Inspirations, due out April 15. The book will also feature a foreward written by Carter’s ex-husband Lil Wayne.

Finally, Sadat X recently linked up with the Boot Camp Clik’s musical architects Da Beatminerz for a brand new episode of his hilarious YouTube show “True Wine Connoiseurs.” The Hip Hop legends hit up a local Lebonesse restaurant in New York for an evening of food and fine wine, discussing everything from Evil Dee and Walt’s storied careers, crackhead auto mechanics and why Ol’ Dirty Bastard had tiger blood long before Charlie Sheen.

The full episode of “True Wine Connoiseurs” can be seen below.