You may have seen him in pictures and videos with the California collective, but now, OFWGKTA’s manager Christian Clancey has opened up. In a recent interview with Al Lindstrom’s Organized Chaos, Clancey spoke about working with controversial group and why their aunthenticity is paying off.

“Every decision we make is based off what’s authentic to them, so it makes my job easier,” said Clancy. “They’re so driven to what they want and what they do and what they don’t like…Tyler [the Creator] loves Justin Bieber, Frank [Ocean] love Celine Dion. Who says that? Because they’re afraid the guy next to them might say, ‘What the fuck are you talking about?’ They are who they are, and that’s what’s authentic about it. They turn down covers because they don’t read the magazine. I love that. No one does that.”

Clancey also spoke OF’s meteoric rise to prominence. He says that unlike many artists in the industry who depend upon the Internet and print publications to attract fans, Golf Wang’s fanbase comes to them.

“These kids are smarter than the music that’s being sold to them,” he said. “I think that because of that, you stand a lot to learn from them. Because of the way they’ve raised on the Internet, the way the market themselves, the way they handle themselves. You’ll hear people say, ‘Why don’t they do this, why don’t they put the date on this’ – kind of the old mentality of how you push [an artist] – they’ve mastered the ability to build to pull [a fanbase]. So it’s like, you don’t have to give away all the information.I don’t want to give away all the information. A lot of record companies have disregared the fact that if kids like it, they will find it out. People think…kids don’t do that anymore, bullshit. If they connect on an emotional level…kids will want to go to the seven different sites it takes to find one answer.”

The full interview can be seen below.

In related news, OFWGKTA’s MellowHype debuted their newest track “64” last night live on Fuel TV’s “The Daily Habit.” The performance can be seen below.