Earlier this year, fans were perplexed when a woman named Diddy in a $1 trillion lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault and knocking down the World Trade Center towers. Now, sounding as confused as his fans, Diddy responded to the suit live on Chicago’s 103.5 Kiss FM, saying that the accusations are completely false.

“I don’t know [why she’s calling me a terrorist], man,” he said. “I don’t really mess with the blogs or the rumors…I haven’t got no papers about [the lawsuit]…I definitely don’t have $1 trillion. I wish I did.”

Diddy also spoke about his upcoming Coming Home Tour in support of his group Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris. The Bad Boy Entertainment CEO explained that since this tour marks his first stat-side tour in four years, he’s planning to do things a bit differently.

“Check it out: the Coming Home Tour,” he said. “I’m announcing my tour for Last Train to Paris, the first time I’ve toured the U.S. in four years. We’re doing it differently. I’ve never been in the up-close-and-personal venues, so we’re coming to Chicago on April 14 at H.O.B.’s, and we’re going to rip that thing down.”

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The full interview can be heard below.