After splitting from their label, Chocolate Industries, last year, the Cool Kids have returned to Mountain Dew’s Green Label Sound to release their upcoming album When Fish Ride Bicycles. After to inking their deal with Chocolate Industries for their Bake Sale EP, Cool Kids worked with Green Label Sound to distribute the single “Delivery Man.”

“Labels suck,” Chuck Inglish told Cortney Harding, in this week’s issue of Billboard magazine. “What can they do that Pepsi can’t do? We had a good experience with Green Label Sound—we got more from that single than we got from our previous album.”

After maintaining their buzz with two mixtapes “Gone Fishing” and “Tacklebox,” Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish will release When Fish Ride Bicycles this spring. Green Label will launch an iTunes storefront for purchase of the album. While Mountain Dew Director of Marketing, Brett O’Brien added that he wasn’t exactly sure how fans will be directed to iTunes to purchase the album, the process may be similar to what Nike and De La Soul did in 2009 for the Are You In? project. Aside from their long-awaited album, Chuck and Mikey have previously announced at least one solo album and other non-Cool Kids projects to make up for their time away while in label limbo.

“I was tired of the album sitting around and wanted to get it out,” Chuck Inglish added. “We totally got the best deal in the world—by accident.”