Chicago, Illinois duo The Cool Kids have spent the last five years paving the way for a popular trend in combining elements of 1980s Hip Hop with contemporary presentation. Within that time-span, the group has only released one work, a 2008 EP, The Bake Sale through their longtime hometown label, Chocolate Industries.

Yesterday, via Twitter, The Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish revealed that the group has severed ties with the label that was also once home to emcees Vast Aire and Diverse.

Yo! Were free agents.. The cool kids are out of record label jail… Let’s cheers to that.October 7 via ÜberTwitter

Inglish, who just appeared on Ski Beatz’ 24 Hour Karate School album, also blamed the failed relationship as reason why the group had yet to release a proper full-length album, “We were dealing with some shit we couldn’t control in a short amount of time.”