There’s nothing quite as shocking or entertaining as the rise of Lil B. Now, the Based God tells MTV’s Sucker Free that he hopes to get in the studio with legendary recording artists Prince for his upcoming debut LP Glass Face. He says that not only is Prince a major musical influence, but that his music has helped him gain confidence when it comes to the ladies.

“I’ll probably be working with Prince,” he said. “This album is going to be straight hits, though. Straight hits that the world can understand…a lot of my inspiration [and] confidence that I’ve gotten [is] from Prince…I was really learning a lot of being able to talk to girls just from listening to his music, so I was like, man. A lot of homage it being paid, and you will be in for a big surprise ‘cus I’m like an underdog. I’ve got a lot of stuff up my sleeves. I’ve got a lot of plans.”

Lil B’s Glass Face is due out sometime later this year. The full interview can be seen below.