Harlem Hip Hop titan Cam’ron recently spoke to MTV’s RapFix about the highly anticipated Diplomats reunion and their upcoming album, due out sometime this later year. He spoke about the Diplomats’ current work ethic in the studio, and how he, Jim Jones and Juelz came to produce their 2010 AraabMuzik-produced single “Salute.”

“Jim’s got a good work ethic,” he said. “His work ethic is crazy. He’s in the studio all the time. I’m in the studio. The producer AraabMuzik is signed to DukeDaGod. Araab went and took Jim some beats. I already had the beat [for ‘Salute’]. Jim said, ‘Let’s do something to this.’ We got it done.” (MTV.com)

Cam’ron added, “It wasn’t no big story behind [recording ‘Salute’]. He sent me the record, I did it. He went to Juelz’s studio, I knocked it out. Jim comes by my crib where the studio at. We sit down for two, three hours, and we go in the basement and knock the songs out. I’m not gonna sit here and act like some spaceship landed or a boat docked. Jim comes by the house, we go in the basement, we smoke, do the song, that’s it. We go back in another two, three days and do the same thing.” (MTV.com)

The Diplomats’ upcoming third group LP isn’t the only project that Cam’ron has lined up for this year. He is also preparing to release Gunz ‘N’ Butta this March 8 with the U.N. cohort Vado.

A video of the interview can be seen below.