Legendary Queens producer and emcee Large Professor recently chopped it up with DJ Superstar Jay and Nina B OF Superstar Radio. The storied beatsmith and frontman of classic trio Main Source talked about his relationship with two of Hip Hop’s reigning titans, Jay-Z and Nas, saying that Jay wasn’t lying in “The Takeover” when he said that he showed Nas his first TEC-9.

“I’ve known [Jay-Z] from like the beginning,” he said. “The thing that he said on [‘The Takeover’] that he was getting at Nas with – that’s real talk. We were out there in D.C., and what happened was we were doing the show, we were flowing and everything. For some reason, the promoter said, ‘Yo, we’ve got to pull the plug on y’all.’ The crowd kind of got crazy – and D.C. is a little ill…so we were like, ‘Yo, we’re going back to the bus. Alright, wrap it’…then the crowd started coming to the bus [knocking], and Jay was right back there with [a TEC-9]…I ain’t say what he had, just that he had it [laughs].”

Extra P also talked about meeting Nas for the first time. He said that prior to their work on songs like “Halftime” and “It Ain’t to Tell” on Illmatic, Nas came to him to record his demo. Large Professor even hinted at the fact that the duo have a large collection of previously unheard collaborations waiting to be released.

“When I met Nas, I was still in school,” he said. “I got in this [game] early. I was like 17-18, sticking my chest out like, ‘Yo, what up?’ When Nas came about, he had his dollars and wanted to record a demo…we just connected the dots [and] made it happen in the studio. I saw where he was at with it, and we were just like, ‘We’ve got to just keep building’…we’ve got mad joints in the can. We’ve got joints for days.” 

Watch the full interview below.