Charles Ransom, Jr. and Ricky Brascom, owners of up-and-coming Chicago emcee Paypa’s label Behind the Scenes Entertainment, were arrested earlier this week in a major cocaine ring bust.  The duo, who were also working with owner of Goodlife American Clothing Darrin Ebron, were arrested with over 300 kilos of cocaine and $1.1 million dollars in cash.

According to reports, Ransom and Bracom had apparently been smuggling hundreds of pounds of cocaine from Mexico to Baltimore in chartered private jets costing between $20,000 and $50,000 at a time. They were then sending the money back to Southern California where they were currently residing. If convicted, all three defendants face a life sentence in jail. 

“It’s amazing what greed will do to you,” said Rob Villeza,  Assistant U.S. Attorney. “They knew something was going on, but the next day they were doing it again. They were not prepared to stop.” (

Paypa recently signed to SRC/Universal, the label home of Lady Gaga, Akon and others, and is currently preparing the reeases of his Tunnel Vision 2: Ramadan Season mixtape and debut LP Feel Good Music.