Famed Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh recently spoke to the 400 Club about Lil Wayne’s recent release from prison after a gun charge landed him in Rikers Island for 8 months. He offered Weezy some advice on how to stay out of prison. He also said that many rappers are unfairly targeted by police, and that Wayne’s major status in Hip Hop could make him a target.

“I would say, get on your knees and pray first, before anything,” Mannie said. “I don’t wish harm on nobody, you was put in there, I guess, to look at it like it’s one of God’s lessons, to learn that you ‘can’ be touched. Don’t take it for granted, take it as a lesson and build on it as a career. Be a bigger and better man – move on [with] life, and you know, watch your steps, watch what you do.”

He later added, “Hip-Hop rules America right now, so you’re a target. Any cat that’s got something to do with hip-hop, I mean, hip-hop is a billion dollar business. So if you’re controlling kids from different minorities or whatever races, you’re gonna be a target and you have to take responsibility, look at it as a business. It’s not a game – what’s going on with young, black artists? Y’all are targets and if y’all don’t see it by now, I don’t even know what to say.” 

Watch the full interview below.