Complex recently gave a track-by-track preview of up-and-coming Alabama emcee and DX Next alum Yelawolf’s debut studio release Trunk Muzik: 0-60, out November 22. Featuring trunk rattling hits from his recent mixtape Trunk Muzik and a slew of new tracks, Complex heralded the Interscope singee’s 12-song EP as an eclectic mix of Hip hop, crunk and rock music.

“When Yelawolf dropped his excellent mixtape Trunk Muzik earlier this year, he reminded everyone that college football isn’t the only good thing happening in Alabama,” wrote author Andre Grant. “Since then, Yela signed to Interscope, got with some top-notch producers, and started working on his debut album. Taking cues from Drake—who re-released his mixtape So Far Gone as an EP last year before dropping his proper debut album this year—Interscope is re-releasing Yela’s mixtape as a 12-track EP with a mix of new and old songs.” (

In other news, a group of London-based Somalian citizens made a rap music video that helped raise over £150,000 for the release of a British couple that had been kidnapped by Somalian pirates. Paul and Rachel Chandler were released this past Sunday after being held captive for ransom for the past 388 days. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, ongwriter Abdi Shira Jama said that they were inspired to help this couple after being accepted by the British people after coming to the UK from Somalia.

“All those who managed to flee the war came to countries like the UK,” he said. “We are also addressing…the Somalians back home about how we are perceived here [in the UK] by the British public. We owe a lot of gratitude to the community which we are apart of now. We are angry about the abduction.” 

The full interview can be seen below.

Finally, Louis “Uncle Louie” Gregory, manager of the Fat Boys and current head of Uncle Louie Management, has joined forces with with pro wrestler Bill Goldberg for a recent Doritos and Pepsi MAX ad. Gregory says this match-up is an exciting for both parties and will surely garner nostalgic responses from viewer.

“I’m really excited for the opportunity to work with him,” Gregory said. “From his NFL days to controlling the wrestling scene and his time as a movie star, his ability to reinvent himself is amazing.” (

The full commercial can be viewed here