Even though he just went back to jail, T.I.’s still facing another lawsuit. The rapper is now being sued over an alleged assault during a studio at which he was not present.

Norris Gresham, a studio technician, is suing the ATL superstar and five other parties for an assault on September 8 in Echo Studios. According to the plaintiff, an associate of T.I. pulled a gun on him and others, held him captive in the studio for 12 hours over a lost chain, threw him down a flight of stairs and beaten. T.I. was not present during the session in question.

T.I. is currently serving 11 months for violating his probation for his previous arrest over the purchase of illegal firearms. He was originally charged with a count of possession of marijuana but no marijuana was found. In addition, the LAPD make an illegal procedure by pulling him out of his car without a proper registration check.

DX will keep you updated as more details about this case are revealed.