Ill Bill spoke to Conspiracy Radio on Sunday about his upcoming album, Heavy Metal Kings. The effort will be one of many in his extensive catalogue, including his work as a member of Non Phixion as well as collaboration albums he has completed. The title of his latest may raise some eyebrows, as Ill Bill is known for being involved in Hip Hop, and not Metal.

“People have made the assumption that [the album is] going to be like a lot of Heavy Metal guitar beats and it’s going to sound like a Rock album. Off the bat, I’ll let ya’ll know that’s not the case. It’s a one-hundred percent Hip Hop album.”

Ill Bill explained that while he does hold an affinity for Heavy Metal music, the name actually comes from a record he did with Jedi Mind Tricks.

“The title comes from…the song called “Heavy Metal Kings” that I did with Jedi Mind Tricks. And that was really where it started as far as that being the name of the group. Where it comes from, it’s obviously a play on words.”

The album is close to being done, and although Ill Bill said that he has no exact date for its release, it may see shelves in March of 2011.