As ‘Ye revealed to MTV earlier this week, his highly anticipated fifth album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Dream, which drops this November 22, will now feature five different covers. Yesterday, Kanye released one of these fiver covers for the album, featuring a painting of a ballerina (see above). had furthered confirmed this is one of the official covers of the album. 

Mr. West also spoke with Access Hollywood about his upcoming LP and Runaway, the 45 minute film that will accompany the CD. He discussed his inspirations for the film – which premieres tomorrow night at 8 PM EST on MTV and MTV2 and on Tuesday at 12 AM EST on VH1 – saying it was inspired by everything from Star Wars to to the work of Italian director Federico Fellini. He also indicates that he feels that the film’s subject will not be too complicated or obscure for viewers.

“I’ve always wanted to do a long-form [film] for the albums,” he explained. “I’ve always felt like there are so many songs that didn’t get visuals that deserved videos…and at the same time, I’m a storyteller, so it was great to have on through line…visually, the things I was impacted by were Star Wars and the juxtaposi[tion] of the Jim Henson-George Lucas in-camera vibe…and a [Federico] Fellini, [Stanley] Kubrick taste-level and Parisian style…I think people are going to [the film]. I think pop culture tries to force-feed a dumbed-down version of everything…people are not as basic as the media tries to make them out to be. No one’s that basic.”


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