This past week, a relatively unknown Hip Hip group called the Imperial Stars stopped traffic on the 101 Freeway with an impromptu performance atop their tour bus. The group, which is comprised of Keith Richard Yackey, Christopher Roy Wright and David Paul Hale, decided to perform on the freeway to promote the release of their latest single “Traffic Jam 101”. The three artists were arrested on charges of disturbing the peace, resisting or delaying a peace officer, conspiring to commit a crime and unlawful assembly.

“This type of behavior is not acceptable,” said Officer Terry Liu of the LAPD. “Our officers were tied up on scene trying to handle this while they could have been handling other business or other emergency incidents occurring nearby but instead they were stuck having to deal with this.” (

Although the Imperial Stars may have caused a ruckus, they did so with a good reason. The group has stated that all sales of this latest single will be donated to the non-profit organization Homeless Children of America. They are also accepting donations through their website, which can be accessed here