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Foolio hadn’t seen his older brother for 11 years until he was recently arrested in Jacksonville and put on the same jail floor as him. The Florida rapper took to his Instagram Stories this week to reveal the moment they saw each other for the first time since their father passed away over a decade ago.

“Ain’t see or touch my big brother since our dad funeral 5.7.2011,” he wrote. “he been in prison ever since i go to jail they put us on the same floor that shit was bitter sweet both of us broke down on 8 that shit crazy unreal moment god do everything for a reason bfree Nard.”

Foolio was reportedly arrested on Tuesday (April 5) for fleeing/attempting to elude a law enforcement officer after being ordered to stop. The 23-year-old was taken to Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and was being held without bond at the time.

During an interview with Cam Capone News in May 2021, Foolio reflected on his brother going to prison and the death of his father.

“I ain’t really too much hang around my big brother, he went to prison at a young age,” he explained. “And my daddy had passed away, he had got killed so he was in our life but then when that happened it was just over with, so I was really staying with my momma my whole life, that’s how it was.

“I was like 11/12 years old [when my dad passed away], 2011, yep. [It was] definitely [rough], ’cause I ain’t really know what the situation was until I hit like seventh grade. That’s when I realized then, he got shot. My father got shot fighting somebody and the man who he fought couldn’t take an ass-whooping so he grabbed the gun.”

Florida Rapper Foolio Arrested In Jacksonville

He also talked about the impact his dad’s death had on him and how his life might have been different if he was around.

“I ain’t gon’ cap, at that time, I ain’t even cry directly then ’cause I had to process like, ‘Damn, my daddy just died,'” he said. “I’m young as hell so this is like one of my first death experiences. I’m like, ‘Damn, my daddy just died, like what the fuck, this shit crazy.’ Then it finally hit me and I just broke down, bro. That was my dawg, that was my big dawg, for real.”

He added, “I feel like if he was here though, he would have probably made me do stuff a certain way. Like, I probably would have had more structure, I probably wouldn’t be so wild as I am … You gon’ do what do regardless, and you find out about stuff at a young age and the side of Jacksonville I was staying on, I was probably gonna be in the streets regardless. That’s how it is.”