Cam’ron has made it loud and clear that he is not a fan of NBA player Chris Paul as he dragged him during a segment of his new sports talk show It Is What It Is.

The Dipset leader posted a video of the segment on Instagram on Monday (February 27) showing him and guest Ma$e chopping it up about the Phoenix Suns point guard.

Despite CP3’s decorated career and likely future Hall of Fame status, Killa Cam said he’s not a fan of him and doesn’t believe the hype.

“I really don’t like Chris Paul,” Cam’ron said before Ma$e asked why he felt the Suns got better if he didn’t like CP3. “‘Cause that’s my opinion, n-gga. I like Kevin Durant, fuck is you talking about?”

Ma$e then asked his Harlem brethren why wouldn’t he trust Paul if he has to get the ball to KD since he’s a point guard, and Cam explained it’s because he put all his trust in Durant over his other teammates.

“I trust Kevin Durant, though, that’s who I do trust. I trust Devin Booker, I think that Chris Paul is a jinx; I hope he doesn’t jinx this situation,” he said. “I think everywhere he goes, he fucks shit up.

“People say he’s the perfect point guard, the floor general. We never win, my n-gga. N-ggas be like, ‘He bring the experience.’ Experience of what? Not winning no muthafucking chips?”

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Killa Cam continued to scrutinize Chris Paul in his caption, calling the 12-time NBA All-Star a “habitual nut puncher” for all the times he has allegedly punched an opposing player in the groin.

“I don’t trust Chris Paul, he’s a jinx, and he’s a habitual nut puncher pause,” Cam wrote while sharing a still from YouTube video titled “Chris Paul Cock Puncher.” “It’s crazy he has several videos on the tube doing this. This concerns me. @itiswhatitis_talk airs tonite.”

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Cam’ron’s comments about Chris Paul are just a taste of what the rapper has in store for It Is What It Is. According to the show’s official Instagram page, its YouTube channel is finally live, with Cam and his team beginning to share content on Monday.

Last November, Cam’ron gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the show by sharing various clips of segments where he dished out hilarious takes on Aaron Rodgers, Ja Morant, Charles Barkley and more.