Blueface was involved in a violent altercation with Chrisean Rock’s father, and the full fight was finally seen in its entirety during the first episode of the couple’s new reality show Crazy In Love.

Footage of the squabble between Blueface and his girlfriend’s father first leaked back in September, less than two weeks after the couple vowed they wouldn’t get into any more physical altercations.

As the full fight unfolds on The Zeus Network’s contentious new reality show, Rock’s father is seen approaching Blueface outside the Four Seasons hotel in Baltimore, Maryland.

“I’m her father,” Rock’s father says. “Nice to meet you, father,” Blueface responds before being warned to never “touch my daughter like that ever again.”

“So, you teach your daughter to put hands on men?” Blueface replies. From there, Rock’s father lands a punch right on Blueface’s face, and he briefly stumbles before the two begin trying to grab each other as the show’s entourage aim to break up the fight.

After the previously leaked clip made the rounds on social media, Chrisean Rock revealed that Blueface eventually emerged victorious in the fight.

“So Bluefaced Knocked My Dad Out Da Family Stuff Didn’t Go Well Ino Even Know What’s Going On,” she wrote on Twitter alongside a broken heart emoji.

Blueface’s mother then retorted and accused Rock of lying, but in a later post on his Instagram Stories, Blueface wrote: “I’m her daddy now.”

The couple’s respective families have been at each other’s throats for months. In May, Chrisean Rock allegedly attacked Blueface’s sister after the two previously fought and Blueface’s sister knocked out Rock’s tooth. Blueface’s manager Wack 100 confirmed the fight took place before uploading and later deleting the footage on Instagram.

“@kaliwae_ you jumped & knocked #Chrissean tooth out 18 months ago she didn’t cry about it,” he wrote. “You came for the smoke & the woman got her revenge. Guess we know now why you brought back up. Prayers for your husband tell em I found 7 of his ? teeth in the driveway. Send me a mailing address if y’all need em!! Be safe out there. #MeatThis available on all platforms.”

One of Rock’s older brothers also recently vowed to “throw all his freedom away” in order to reprimand Blueface for allegedly hurting his sister.

“Chrisean I Love You So Much and over here hurting bout you,” he wrote. “Don’t say nothing, wasn’t goin to until u introduced us in person cause the shit he be doin on the internet to you c’mon Chrisean. I grew up in and out of prison. I woodn’t mine throwing all my freedom away forever for u, you my baby sister, u our baby sister.

“Our father raised us to protect our sisters at all cost. U da youngest one. I know you love Blue, I jus wanna ask him do he love you? I can’t play bout u no more Chrisean. I’ll see y’all soon.”

Blueface & Chrisean Rock’s Latest Altercation Results In Alleged Broken Door And Missing Hair: ‘She Tried To Run’

In other Blueface news, the 25-year-old was released on bail after being arrested on attempted murder charges in November.

The Los Angeles rapper faces charges of attempted murder with the use of a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm into an occupied structure. The shooting allegedly occurred outside of a Las Vegas nightclub on October 8.

Following his arrest, which was caught on camera, Chrisean Rock posted a series of Instagram Stories reaffirming her loyalty to the “Thotiana” rapper and changed her Instagram profile picture to the rapper’s mugshot.