Blueface and his family’s drama spilled onto social media over the weekend, including the alleged brawl between former Blueface Records artist Chrisean Rock and the rapper’s mother and sister.

On Sunday (May 28), Blueface’s manager Wack 100 shared a graphic clip of the fight’s aftermath, which showed his sister Kali Miller cradling her bloodied boyfriend as he’s knocked out cold. Blood is visible all over his body yet Miller makes a strange comment: “Blueface, baby. Yeah, aiight. On the dead homies!” Wack 100 questioned what state of mind a person has to be in to say something like that rather than rush to get the victim medical attention.

#MEATTHIS AVAILABLE ON ALL PLATFORMS,” he wrote in the caption. “Pray for @drjioproducedit quick recovery. & let’s pray for the mental state of @kaliwae_ . As you see somethings not right with this behavior Why would she act like this at a time like this. Imagine what it was before it got to this point. #SurvivingKali #TeamBlueFace @toogee_ get ya man’s.”

While Chrisean Rock has been a source of frustration for Wack 100, he decided to have her and his client’s backs in a follow-up post as he explained why he decided to share the video. He also noted Miller is the same woman who jumped rock 18 months ago, causing her to lose her tooth.



“Everybody knows that I am not a #ChriseanRock fan but right is right,” he wrote. “That woman is grown like the both of you. You can’t attack someone & expect them not to respond.

He added in the caption, “#Receipts coming on @hollywoodunlocked -I was forced to release video footage showing who @bluefasebabyy sister had the fight with. The fact that his own family is willing to lie in hopes that the media makes him out to be a abuser is crazy.

“@kaliwae_ you jumped & knocked #Chrissean tooth out 18 months ago she didn’t cry about it. You came for the smoke & the woman got her revenge. Guess we know now why you brought back up. Prayers for your husband tell em I found 7 of his ? teeth in the driveway. Send me a mailing address if y’all need em!! Be safe out there. #MeatThis available on all platforms.”

Blueface has denied being in a romantic relationship with Chrisean Rock, but their recent behavior seems to suggest otherwise. Last week, Rock got a massive portrait of Blueface tattooed on her neck, and the two were also spotted on a date together.



Former Blueface Artist Chrisean Rock Arrested On Crack-Cocaine Charges

Meanwhile, the Baltimore native continues to have trouble with the law. After being arrested in Oklahoma for stealing Blueface’s Mercedes G-Wagon and allegedly selling crack-cocaine in February, she was later arrested in New Orleans on a warrant stemming from her cross-country rampage.