Blueface and his former artist Chrisean Rock have a chaotic history to say the least. After she was arrested for stealing his Mercedes Benz G-Wagon and dealing crack cocaine in February, Blueface was thought to have separated himself from the madness, but was seen hanging out with Rock on a date in mid-March.’

Blueface’s mother only added to a suspected reconciliation between Blueface and Rock with an Instagram Story on Thursday, (April 7) where she revealed that the couple “made it official.”

“It’s been a hellava year,” she wrote. “Pandemic & wars Kanye & Kim divorce Durk & someone got engaged and unengaged Cardi quit her fans 50 Cent still didn’t get his money from olegirl Will Smith smacked Chris Rock Blueface made it official with Rock.”

Hours later, Blueface quickly contradicted his mother’s claims and cleared up the confusion by clarifying that he’s not with anyone at the moment.

“My mom don’t speak for me or none I got going on personally ain’t none official wit nobody,” he posted to his Instagram Story.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface have had a turbulent relationship since she starred on his Blue Girls Club show in 2020. Rock also recently confirmed that she has eight Blueface-inspired tattoos on her body.

Blueface's Ex-Artist Chrisean Rock Admits To Blood-Smearing Break-In

After breaking into Blueface’s home and smearing “I love Blue” in her own blood and stealing the “Thotiana” rapper’s G-Wagon, she now faces charges of receiving, possessing or concealing a stolen vehicle as well as distribution of a controlled substance and possession with intent.

Watch her speak on the incident below.