Los Angeles, CA

Blueface has leaked several text messages between himself and his former artist Chrisean Rock, who was arrested on Monday (February 14) for stealing his Mercedes G-Wagon and allegedly selling crack-cocaine.

The “Thotiana” rapper shared multiple Instagram posts on Tuesday (February 15) alleging she wrote “I love Blue” in blood before taking off with his vehicle. He wrote across the photo of it, “This some fatal attraction type shit.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Blueface exposed the presumed insanity going on with the seemingly troubled singer in the series of texts. In the first slide, she was desperately trying to find Blueface, but he continued to ignore her as she said things such as, “Why can’t I come where u at??? I’m ducked up. Wtf” and “U acting like Daddy. Wtf. We ain’t family. Daddy.”

Eleven text messages later, Blueface finally text her back on Sunday (February 13) and tried to talk some sense into her.

“You finna mess up yo whole life,” he said. “SMH good luck police waiting for yo ass at the state line. Car has a tracking device in it btw. You better off parking it take a train or flight to bmore you not gone make it driving. That car takes a lot of gas.”

When Chrisean Rock replied, “Nvm it’s coo God got me,” he said, “Nah, you trippin the devil has got you now.” But she insisted her mother needed her, while Blueface argued, “You’re useless to your mom in jail. You’re only gonna cause more pain on your family. I don’t think you fully understand the crimes you committed. You’re driving a stolen car with bad tags and … you left your DNA at the crime scene.”

She continued, “Nobody going to jail. Stop texting me like u against me.” Blueface then wrote, “I can’t stop the cops rock. I had to report it stolen … I have responsibilities rock i have car insurance for this reason. I didn’t know it was you till I seen the blood on the wall. cops was already there at that point took your DNA.  You could have just asked me. N-gga would have flew you back.”

Wack 100 & Blueface Roast 'Bozo' Chrisean Rock Following Crack-Cocaine Arrest: 'She Stole The G-Wagon!'

Obviously, the young woman did end up going to jail, but inmate records in Tulsa and Oklahoma City came up empty so it’s unclear if she’s still behind bars. Wack 100 roasted her for the arrest in an Instagram post of his own.

“This Bozo deserves all that she has coming to her!” he wrote. “Broke in the house again stole thousands stole the G Waggon as we found out not knowing it was her 1700 miles away got caught. I have no remorse for this BOZO. Now I gotta go get the car out the impound and pay another 5,000 for a transport service to bring it back ! If it was you how would you see it !!! And it looks like she was moving work from the charges!”