Blueface and his manager Wack 100 are roasting their former artist Chrisean Rock after she was arrested in Oklahoma on Monday (February 14). Not long after the news started circulating online, Wack 100 seized the opportunity to lay into the troubled singer.

Sharing her mugshot to his Instagram account, Wack 100 almost sounded happy in his caption, while simultaneously alleging she broke into their house, stole thousands of dollars and took off in their Mercedes G-Wagon.

“This Bozo deserves all that she has coming to her!” he wrote. “Broke in the house again stole thousands stole the G Waggon as we found out not knowing it was her 1700 miles away got caught. I have no remorse for this BOZO. Now I gotta go get the car out the impound and pay another 5,000 for a transport service to bring it back ! If it was you how would you see it !!! And it looks like she was moving work from the charges!”

According to Wack 100’s post, she was charged with receiving, possessing or concealing a stolen vehicle as well as distribution of a controlled substance and possession with intent.

Blueface also reacted to Chrisean Rock’s arrest in his Instagram Stories and was shocked she even tried to ask him for bail.

“Bitch stole my car and thought she was gone drive to Baltimore 25 hours away dumbass,” he wrote. “A thief is the worst thing you can be as a female. I’d have more respect for a prostitute…talm bout some ‘Come bail me out.'”

Both Blueface and Wack 100 have been dealing with Chrisean Rock’s drama for months. Last November, she refused to leave Blueface’s home despite being kicked off Blueface Records. In a clip of the incident, she could be heard shouting, “I don’t live here for free. I work,” to which Blueface’s manager Wack 100 replied, “You work what? What do you do?” She fired back, “I’m an artist, man. What are you talking about? I work for you.”

Former Blueface Artist Chrisean Rock Arrested On Crack-Cocaine Charges

Wack then revealed she’d already been removed from Blueface Records at least two weeks prior. Blueface later defended Wack 100 and insisted he never laid a finger on her, despite how angry he was at the time.

“Nobody touched her or put no hands on her. He was just frustrated; probably really trying to scare her. He never struck at her or got too close. I ain’t lettin’ none of that type of stuff go down, so just a bunch of emotions. She wasn’t supposed to be here at the time.”