6ix9ine has been slapped with a hefty lawsuit after he allegedly refused to pay an outstanding debt on his credit card bill.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, the suit — filed by financial mega corp American Express — claims that 6ix9ine (real name Daniel Hernandez) was extended a line of credit which he defaulted on in November 2022.

The company is demanding that the controversial rainbow-haired rapper pay his debt to the tune of $118,387.

The news comes to light just days after 6ix9ine was viciously assaulted at a gym in Florida. According to TMZ, the Brooklyn rapper was attacked by a group of men inside a sauna at an LA Fitness in South Florida on Tuesday (March 21).

A video of the attack posted to Instagram shows 6ix9ine lying on the floor protecting his head as two men stand over him, throwing punches and kicking him in the ribs and face.

“Bitch ass! Clown ass n-gga!” one of the men can be heard shouting while roughing up 6ix9ine. “Take a picture! I want to be famous now, n-gga!”

The video’s caption reads: “King Shit we caught 6ix9ine slipping fuck a rat ADR not on our hood,” suggesting the attack was sparked by 6ix9ine’s history of snitching.

Despite the beatdown, sources close to the rapper revealed to TMZ that he has no intention to switch fitness facilities or increase security.

6ix9ine Crashes His Rolls-Royce Phantom

6ix9ine Crashes His Rolls-Royce Phantom

He reportedly said he’s not going to let one outlier beatdown change the way he lives his life – despite this attackers allegedly threatening him and telling him to leave South Florida.

6ix9ine’s attorney Lance Lazzaro had previously told TMZ he plans to call the federal authorities to make sure the rapper’s protection detail is increased, but one of the “FEFE” hitmaker’s bodyguards has already called out the assailants and challenged them to face him head on rather than sneak around to get to his client.

“First of all thanks for the free promo,” 6ix9ine’s bodyguard Bam-Bam captioned an Instagram blog post questioning his role. “I need it but second the whole city know how I move N if any of my guys put hands on somebody they ain’t gone move Let alone go fuck for bitches all vixens like @6ix9ine just did… last person disrespect ended up falling asleep in his own piss.”

He continued: “SO THISE GUYS IN THE VIDEO 3 n 4 counting camera guy .. 4 vs 1 y’all weak ass bitches against me .. you win I pay you 10,000$ n if you lose you die .. there will be no ref.. CLAIM IT GANGSTAS.”

6ix9ine has yet to speak publicly on the attack.