50 Cent has shared his thoughts on the state of today’s Hip Hop and whether he thinks it is more violent than it’s ever been before.

The G-Unit mogul recently launched the first episode of his Hip Hop Homicides series on WeTV which investigates a series of murders that have plagued Hip Hop in recent years, including the likes of Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke.



Walking alongside host Van Lathan, 50 debated whether Hip Hop has become more violent over the years, explaining that although he thinks the “energy” has remained the same within the culture, he believes social media has been a game-changer.

“I think it’s the same energy but we’re in a different period so it looks different,” he says in the show. “It’s gonna happen where everyone can take a look on camera. When Nipsey gets killed, for the first time they saw him get killed.

“Because of social media, everyone’s involved now. Because those kids in middle America are clicking the fucking button to look and are fascinated with the killings because they’re living on a side so wild compared to the conservative lifestyle they’re having.”

The rest of the investigative series produced by Mona Scott-Young will take a deep dive into the untimely deaths of rap stars like XXXTENTACIONKing VonChinx and Soulja Slim, among others.

“G-Unit Film and Television has thrived by telling real stories,” 50 said in a statement about the show. “As I continue to grow my current slate, premium non-scripted programming will be a major focus. Hip Hop loves things that are damaged. This series will shed light on the artists that didn’t make it through the struggle.”

'Hip Hop Homicides' Producer Hopes Series Will Help Curb Rap Murders
'Hip Hop Homicides' Producer Hopes Series Will Help Curb Rap Murders

50 Cent famously rose to Hip Hop infamy after a near-fatal encounter in which he was shot nine times in 2000. With bullets missing major arteries by mere inches, 50 survived and the tale went on to become a part of his global phenomenon.

Meanwhile, 50 recently paid homage to the late Takeoff, who was killed on November 1 at the hands of gun violence in Houston, during one of his concerts in Seinäjoki, Finland.

Much like he did during a show in Sweden following Coolio’s passing in September, 50 Cent saluted the late Migos lyricist by projecting his image on the stage as the group’s “Bad and Boujee” hit rang out through the venue’s speakers.

“I paid tribute to Takeoff last night in Finland it was lit,” 50 tweeted on Wednesday (November 2). “GLG GreenLightGang tour let’s get it!”