Juvenile sat down for an interview with VladTV recently and par for the course, discussed a myriad of topics. In one particular clip, the veteran rapper is asked about his first No. 1 Billboard song “Slow Motion” with Soulja Slim, but he’s quick to point out it wasn’t really his song.

“That’s Soulja Slim’s song,” he says. “I never took credit for that song because my dude created it and it was supposed to be on his album. He kinda like, he went to my brother and asked my brother to talk to me, like, ‘Talk your brother into putting it on his album. I think it would be a better look on Universal than the company he was signed to,’ so that’s how that went. That was pretty much Soulja Slim’s No. 1 single. So if you want to be technical, I never had a No. 1 single.”

Then the topic of Soulja Slim’s murder comes up. While Juvenile was initially OK discussing it, calling him the “2Pac of New Orleans,” he admitted he felt like he lost his “little brother” before shutting down the conversation completely.

Vlad says, “There was an investigation into his murder and someone named Garelle Smith …” to which Juvenile replies, “We ain’t gonna do that one either. I’m still in the city, bro. I’m still riding through the city and I don’t like saying people’s names and putting people out. I don’t like doing that. That’s dangerous.”

Soulja Slim was killed on November 6, 2003 on the front lawn of his mother’s home in New Orleans. The assailant shot him a total of four times, three times in the face and once in the chest. Roughly a month later, police arrested 22-year-old Garelle Smith in connection with the murder.

Officers discovered a stolen police pistol in Smith’s possession with a scratched-off serial number. A ballistics test matched bullets from the gun to the ones that killed Soulja Slim, but no witnesses would testify against him. By 2008, Smith had been arrested for three more murders, but all charges were dropped and he was released due to lack of witnesses and the New Orleans 60-day law.

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Smith’s murders then became cold cases, but he himself was found shot to death in August 2011.

As Juvenile noted in the clip, Soulja Slim never got the chance to release his own platinum album. But the Juvenile album “Slow Motion” was on — 2004’s Juve The Great — sold over 100,000 copies in its first week and has since been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (2004). As for the single, the track dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks in August 2004 and was the first No. 1 song for both artists.

Revisit it below.